Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mother's Day

Today is Día de la Madre in Spain, in honor of which a couple of friends and I ran in the Carrera de la Mujer, a race for only women that raises money for cancer. Think Race for the Cure, Spanish style. The race shirts were orange, and the line to get water at the end was outrageously long. But even if it was less a race than a human obstacle course, tons of women came out for it. More than 12,000, in fact. It made me so happy to see so many Spanish women out exercising on a beautiful Sunday morning, that I'll ignore the fact that I had to wait half an hour to get water after I finished. To top it all off, the race bag came with an awesome amount of stuff (including another t-shirt, a towel, a Comunidad de Madrid Buff, and magazines ranging from Cosmo to Runner's World).


Alejandro said...

I saw the race go by as I was taking a stroll in the Retiro. So maybe I saw you. It was a nice sight, but it made me think... what if someone tried to organize a race for men only? It would raise howls from feminists, and it would most certainly be banned.

Katie said...

this is true, but there's a reason. generally in running races (esp. in spain), men greatly outnumber women. i would argue that there's not much need to make a men-only race, while women sometimes need that feeling of solidarity to get out there and run.